Silver tequila, campari, watermelon juice, angostura bitters, habanero tincture / crushed ice / watermelon triangle / chili salt

Blanco tequila, watermelon, house-made sour / large rock / chili salt / lime wheel

Light rum, watermelon, mint, fresh pressed lime / crushed ice / sugar cane / mint bouquet 


Silver tequila, pineapple, house-made sour / crushed ice / pineapple leaf / pineapple triangle

Mezcal, pineapple, tumeric, honey, lime / large Rock / grated turmeric / lime wheel

Mezcal, green chartreuse, luxardo, crushed pineapple, lime / served up / lime wheel


Hibiscus infused tequila, seasonal berries, house-made sour / crushed ice / salt / seasonal berries / orchid

Vodka, hibiscus simple, fresh pressed lemonade, mint, seltzer / crushed ice / mint bouquet / lemon wheel

Bourbon, cinnamon, pineapple, anise, orange oil / large rock / orchid / pineapple / pineapple leaf


Chipotle infused tequila, tamarind, house made sour, aguafaba / large rock / orange essence / smoking chili arbol

Silver tequila, tamarind, pink grapefruit, agave, angostura bitters / crushed ice / smoking chili arbol


Tequila, crushed cucumber, chili arbol, house-made sour, agave
/ crushed ice / chili arbol


Dark rum, horchata, espresso liqueur, oaxacan chocolate / served up / cinnamon / oaxacan chocolate

Mezcal, espresso, hazel nut, horchata oaxacan chocolate / served up / oaxacan chocolate bitters / oaxacan chocolate


Fresh pressed apples, guava, cinnamon, allspice, clove

Apple Cider
Fresh pressed apples, cinnamon, allspice, ginger, clove

Oaxacan Hot Chocolate
Oaxacan chocolate, cocoa, milk blend, cinnamon, nutmeg


STAFFING (5hr minimum)

Party Supervisor: $55/hr
Bar Supervisor: $55/hr
Bartender: $45/hr
Server: $45/hr
Barback & Busser: $35/hr
Holiday Rate: $75/hr

Please account for 1 bartender/server
per 50 guests, barbacks and bussers are recommended for parties over 75 guests

Specialty cocktail service requires:
2hrs setup / 1hr breakdown

Basic cocktail service requires:
1hr setup / 1hr breakdown


Specialty Cocktails & Custom Menu:

Specialty Mixes & Garnish
$5.00-$28.00 per guest includes:
Pre-batch preparation, specialty ingredients and produce per cocktail. Bar top setup and personalized menu included.

Price varies depending on number
of cocktails and cocktail complexity/ingredients.


Basic Service:
Only staffing provided,
see staffing rates.
(alcohol, mixers, glassware, napkins etc. not included)

Additional Services (optional) 

Cocktail Menu Consultation:


Paper products:
$2.50 per guest including:
8oz plastic tumblers, cocktail napkins, straws, garnish picks, service fee

Specialty straws and tumblers available for additional fee.

Glassware rentals available for additional fee.




Ice delivery:
$125 includes: 400 lbs shaking, chilling & crushed ice
(400 lbs for every 100 guests, recommended for parties of 50 or more) Minimum order.

Specialty Ice available for
additional fee.


Basic Mixes:
Available upon request, price based on selection and quantity.

Cranberry, Pineapple, Oj, Mineral Water, Tonic, Ginger Ale, Coke, Diet Coke, Redbull